Live Performances

Hardcore, metal, grunge, and punk for classical piano.

That’s what Kip, aka Piano Punk, specializes in. Showcasing the melodies beneath the distortion and sharing the stories and cultural moments behind the songs, Piano Punk is for metal heads, classical aficionados, and those who know nothing about either.

Upcoming Performances

PiaNu-Metal at The Butterfly Club

Revisit rock’s most dismissed genre. The white boy dread locks, the rampant sexism, the dubious samples, the suburban angst, the chain wallets. What better way to revisit the highs and lows of this arrogant, often misogynistic, testosterone-fuelled music than through the lens of a queer, non-binary, classically-trained pianist and vocalist?

With artful arrangements that showcase the melodies beneath the distortion, Piano Punk covers some of your most favourite (and perhaps least favourite) songs by Disturbed, Evanescence, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Deftones, System of a Down, Linkin Park, and more!

Past Specialty Shows

Autistic Pride Day Mini Concert (online) – June 19, 2021

Read the AutismBC blog in connection with this post by clicking here.

Join AutismBC and Kip Mac, aka. Piano Punk, as we celebrate Autistic Pride Day! This year, we want to highlight the diversity within the autism community and encourage you to be yourself. Dare to be different and stand out from the crowd—there is no wrong way to be yourself.

We’ll be having a quick introduction interview between Jake Anthony and Kip Mac before a mini-concert by Piano Punk. You can expect an array of unconventional piano-based covers performed by Vancouver’s own, Piano Punk! This concert is designed to connect autistic adults but we welcome everyone to join us in celebrating Autistic Pride Day! The event will be premiered and broadcasted on AutismBC’s Facebook and YouTube.

F*ck Love – Feb 14, 2020

Piano Punk is back at the Heatley playing hardcore, metal, grunge and punk on piano.

For this very special, one-night-only Valentines day event, you’ll hear deeply sentimental, schmaltzy, cheesy, and nauseating love songs put into unsettling minor keys. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, these very creepy arrangements of wedding slow dance songs and ballads are perfect for a cynical celebration of the most controversial holiday of the year.

Interspersed between the relationship-ruining renditions of love songs, classically trained-pianist Kip Mac will also be playing hardcore, metal, grunge, and punk classics.

Holly Jolly F*%cked Up Christmas – Dec 23, 2019

Piano Punk is back at the Heatley, playing hardcore, metal, grunge and punk on piano. And for this very special one night only event, we’ll be making Christmas creepy.

Come hear your favourite Christmas Carols played in unsettling minor keys or with the lyrics re-worked to be something sinister. This is the perfect way to prepare for the most dysfunctional time of year.

Interspersed between the childhood-ruining renditions of carols you once loved, classically trained-pianist Erica Mac will also be playing hardcore, metal, grunge, and punk classics.

HXCan-Con – Aug 2018

Melbourne Fringe – Sept 2017

Nominee for Best Music award, 2017

What do The Sex Pistols sound like stripped back? What happens when you mash up hardcore with a waltz? Can “mathcore” be realised on piano? These and many more questions will be answered in PIANO PUNK.

Showcasing the melodies beneath the distortion, PIANO PUNK will be turning songs on their heads, ripping them apart, and piecing them back together live on stage.

Erica Mac brings passion and intensity to the piano, exposing her deep love of all heavy genres (particularly North American metallic hardcore and 1970s British punk) by interspersing songs with bits of music history trivia and songs facts that will have audiences doing some intellectual (not physical) moshing. Vivaciously weaving together classical and punk practices in a way that avoids both pandering and pretension, Piano Punk is a show that will please metal heads, classical aficionados, and those who know nothing about either.